Call for Tutorials

We invite proposals for 90-minute tutorials at the conference as part of the main program. 


Tutorials should provide an easy-to-follow overview on recent trends, emerging topics, hands-on sessions or future challenges related to AutoML. We specifically ask the presenters to not only focus on their own work but to also cover work from other groups. 


Proposal submission deadline: April 1st

Notification: May 27th

Abstracts, Syllabus and Tutorial Website: June 24th

Tutorial: July 25th – 27th 2022


The proposal should be structured in a way to explain the following aspects:

  • Title
  • A “tl;dr” two-sentence summary
  • An abstract (max 200 words) [1 paragraph]
  • Motivation for the tutorial (Why is that important for the attendees of the AutoML conference) [1 paragraph]
  • Outline of the tutorial [2 paragraph + tentative syllabus list]
  • Target audience (Who will most likely attend this tutorial? What is the required background?) [1 paragraph]
  • Short CV of the presenter(s), incl. past experience with tutorials and/or teaching, literature references showing the expertise in the proposed topic, and email address(es) [1 paragraph for each presenter]

Please submit your proposal via OpenReview.